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Team Reward

This bonus allows you  5, 8 or 10%  of the lowest total expenses volume generated by all people in one of the teams. The percentage of these payouts depends on your Tokens Level: Partner, PRO or VIP. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE!  You earn 25 USDT for every formed team cycle.  Maximum possible weekly team reward payout can not exceed 50 000 USDT.

Be aware that the Starter level (<100 NMX on balance) does not imply a Team Bonus.

To understand the idea better, kindly check the table below:

Least amount of NMX Tokens on the account

Token Level Partner
Reward percent 5%

Reward allocation example:  The left team members paid the trade commission and bought NMX tokens spending 500 USDT in total. The expenses of the right team members amounted to 520 USDT - they bought more tokens than the first team did, as well as a discount card.
If your Token Level is VIP, you are able to receive 10% of the of the lowest total expenses volume of one of the teams. In this case you get 50 USDT, i.e. 10% of 500 USDT.

?A friendly reminder:  Without the «‎Active partner» status (see Affiliate Program terminology section) You can receive only Direct reward.

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