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Deposit Bonus (NOT ACTIVE ATM)

This type of bonus is credited to users who have 100+ USDT on their Main account wallets balances in total, while other currencies are calculated according to the current ticker.

Users get their 50 USDT bonus for 30-day  trust trading period on their Main account.

To start trading this bonus, you need to activate it by pressing the green colored Activate bonus  button once you're signed in your personal account:

How to use the bonus:

1. The user can  complete the trust management of the received deposit bonus earlier.
2. Any withdrawals are prohibited until the bonus is active. The users manually terminate trust management first and only then they can withdraw their funds, if needed. 

3. Any method chosen by users for completing the trust management of their bonus (they terminate TM manually / the balances of their trust accounts were reduced by more than 50 USDT / a 30-day period has expired) starts the general procedure:

1) All SPOT orders are canceled. In this case, the NMX currency is not affected and not involved into any calculations.
2) Balances show less than 50 USDT: the system automatically transfers all balance funds (except NMX) back to Nominex exchange.
3) Balances show 50 USDT or more: 50 USDT if the bonus are returned back to the exchange, while the received profit received belongs to the user.

4. This bonus is available at any time, regardless of receiving any other bonuses, and only once!

⚠️CAUTION! Bonus is automatically restituted:

1. If there is 50 USDT (other currencies are calculated according to the current ticker) or less on the user's account;
2. After a 30-day period of trust management is expired.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Control of all users' of trading activity, monitoring of 30-day period and audit of users' accounts balances (50 USDT+ on each individual account is a must!) are carried out once per minute.


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