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Daily Demo Tournaments

Competition info

Trading contests are being conducted every day for 24 hours, starting from 00:00 UTC to 00:00 UTC of the next day. 

Each day results are separated from each other, however, an overall statistic is calculated. 

Each traders daily trade volume is calculated in order to choose a set of winners.

You can check the winners of each day here, as well as you can track your tournament statistics it in the real time mode!

Prize Pool & Bonuses

Each day a total prize pool consists of 1120 USDT rewards (for members who took 1 - 5 places).

Daily allocation of prizes:

1 place - 500 USDT
2 place - 300 USDT
3 place - 150 USDT
4 place - 100 USDT
5 place - 70 USDT

Terms & Rules

1. Each participant gets 10,000 virtual USDT on his demo account at the start of each tournament round.

2. The 5 users with the largest balance at the end of the tournament are declared winners.

3. The larger your profit, the higher your rank on the leaderboard and the bigger your prize.

4. The prize is real: you’ll get actual USDT on your trust (not demo) account for trust trading.

5. You can’t withdraw the prize money, but you can trade with it for 7 days and then keep the profit.

6. It is forbidden to use multiple accounts to participate in the tournament. Users seen doing this will be disqualified without paying any prizes.

CAUTION! Please be aware that Trust Assets Trading is not accessible for the following pairs:




6. You’ve proven to us that you’re good, now it’s time to show your worth in the real market!

7. You have 7 days to earn a profit while trading with your prize money. After that, the prize will be restituted to the exchange, but you’ll keep all the profit.

8. Don’t allow your balance to decrease by more than 10%. If it happens, Nominex will immediately reclaim the prize money.

9. You won’t be charged in case your balance goes down. The responsibility is on us.


  1. Do I need to make a deposit to participate in trading tournaments?
     You don’t. You automatically get 10 000 USDT on a DEMO account for each new tournament. Trading only on DEMO account counts.

  2. The prize, is it actually real USDT?
    Yes, winners actually receive real USDT on their real exchange balances.

  3. Can I withdraw my prize immediately?
    As our tournaments are held on DEMO accounts, you need to prove your trading skill in the field. That means that you receive your prize for 7 days as a trust asset.

  4. How can I convert it to the private use?
    After the end of the trust period, any profit (trust proceeds) you make with the prize money is fully yours.

  5. How the profit is calculated?
    When the prize becomes a trust asset, all of the calculation are made with USDT equivalents.

  6. Can I withdraw the profit before the end of the trust period?
    No, it is possible only after 7 days ad the process is automated.

  7. Is there a cap on the number of tournaments available for participation?
    You can participate every day. No caps or limits.

  8. What happens if I win another prize?
    If you already have any prize trust assets, both of the prizes sum up and the trust period is prolonged by another 7 days.

  9. Is the prize credited to my personal account and can it get “shuffled” into my personal assets?
    No, the prize is credited to a special balance made for the trust management.

  10. Can I simultaneously trade using my personal assets and trust assets?
    Yes, the balances are different for your personal assets and trust assets.

  11. Is there any responsibility for the trust assets on me?  
    No, no financial responsibility is put on you with the trust assets. All of the expenses are paid by the exchange. After all, you are interested in making the profit.

  12. What happens if I lose my trust assets?
    If your trust balance goes down by 10% of the initial amount in USDT equivalent, the rest of the balance is automatically withdrawn.


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