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How to manage your referrals

Right now, the only technical option of referral management is deciding the side that your own referrals are going to be in. You can toggle either right or left leg to be filled with the newcomers 

Nevertheless, managing your referrals is a crucial point in building your affiliate program based business. These are the managing tips that you might use in order to increse the profit:

1. Setting the right goals.

Goal-setting is essential. First of all, setting goals for yourself. How many referrals do you want to invite? Do you want to gain by inviting a lot of small traders or a couple of huge ones? Do you want to acheive the diamond rank in 2 months or maybe in a month? 

Set a goal for yourself, so you can set smaller goals for your referrals.

2. Develop a plan to achieve the goals.

Describe the advantages, aim for the profit. 

After setting goals with your referrals, put together a plan to achieve them. Remember that when your referrals build their tree, they build your tree as well. Help them understand the whole picture, set their goals. In the end, all of you will be aiming for the same thing, but with a thoughtful plan you increase your chanses of receiving more and more profit. 

3. Empower your referrals. 

To maximize the probability that your referrals achieve their goals (and hense, make profit for both of you), empower them. 

First part of empowering your affiliates is providing them with knowledge. 

Second part is promising and(!) delivering tree building. As a strong leader you can build their trees just by inviting people yourself. 

Third part is kinda tricky, you need to show them that you are a good leader by giving them something, that others won't. As an example, you receive 8% of the commition that your referral pays on Nominex, and you can give back a half of it to your referral. They receive 4% discount, basically, and in the end, you gain more by the increase amount of commitions that your referral pays with the said discount from you. 

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