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How to build your binary tree?

Multilevel binary tree gives you a lot of options to create a whole business of your own.

The basics:

1. Legs - those, who stand right under you. You have 2 legs, the left one and the right one. You can switch which leg is preferable for placing your referrals in your personal account

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2.  Infinite levels - it means what it means, basically. No limits are applied to the number of levels and the number of referrals under you. The only limit is the number of people on the Earth.

3.  Your referrals will contribute to your own binary tree while trying to build their own. 

If ones referred by you invite anyone else under their refferal link, those peple will be a part of your tree. (Here's a hint - try to invite active people first, so they can work for you)

Tips and tricks:

1. Try registering under someone else's referral link, thus becoming a part of an already existing tree. The profit here comes from those above you. They can build one of your legs for you. Search for an active influencer, who is determined to make as much as he can.

2. Plan your tree. Strategy has always been a key to almost any victory. 

Do you plan on investing money first, so you can get a passive income?

Find influencers, who can promote your link. 

Plan a marketing campaign, cryptocurrency has only begun it's rally, try to onboard as many people as you can.

Remember that your own referrals will use their refferal link as well. A fully planned strategic investment can attract people, who are ready and willing to make one as well. 

Do you want to try without any investments?

Invite your friends, spread the link accross your communities, forums, social media and so on. There are possibilities everywhere.

3. Teach your referrals. In order to create a system that will work for you, you need to gather well informed and motivated referrals.

2 referrals might be enough to create a whole business with almost no effort. It's profitable for them, so give them all the information that they need and guide them.

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