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Diversification basics

 A diversification strategy can help you achieve more consistent returns over time and reduce your overall investment risk.

Allocate your assets

Crypto-assets are different from usual ones, but they can still be diveded into different classes such as cryptocurrencies, tokens (different types), different projects, depending on their specifics (for example, mdeicine project or a mining one) . Effective asset allocation will see your investment funds split across multiple cryptocurrency classes to help balance risk and potential rewards.

Invest in different coins

In addition to balancing asset classes, many sharemarket experts recommend balancing investments among different coins. By splitting your share portfolio across coins and tokens, you can help balance the normal ups and downs these coins may experience, and their impact on your portfolio.

Higher risk versus lower risk companies

Higher risk companies may be defined by their propensity for share price volatility and can be profitable investments. However, many sharemarket experts recommend that these investments should only represent a limited proportion of your portfolio and be balanced with investments in coins that have the potential for slower, more stable growth and less risk of capital loss.

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