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I lost access to 2FA!

If you've lost access to 2FA, don't worry! There are 2 ways of solving it:

1. Try using another device. Download Google authenticator on it and use your Secret code that was given right when you enabled 2FA on your account.

2. If you still can't get access to your account using 2FA, please, contact our Support Team via email at

In your email, please, provide the following information:
1. Photo of your ID/ Passport
2. Video selfie of you holding a sheet of paper with the current date and inscription "No 2FA"

Also, provide answers to the following questions for security purposes:
1) What is your date of birth?
2) What is the e-mail address which is linked to your Nominex account? Alternatively, please, provide the User ID of your Nominex account (you can find it in your personal cabinet).
3) What is the amount of your last deposit or withdrawal? Alternatively, please provide information about the last deal you had made on your account.

If you do not remember the amount of your last deposit or withdrawal, you can find it on the website or in your e-mail inbox.

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