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NMX rate stabilization

Due to the protracted global correction in the entire crypto market, the Nominex team decided to make some changes to the mechanisms for paying several types of bonuses. These measures will reduce the number of daily issued tokens, which will reduce the pressure on the price of the NMX token.

1. We stop the accrual of the holder bonus (a bonus for the duration of farming) for farming pools where there is no NMX token.  At the same time, the holder bonus will continue to operate in NMX staking (launch pool).  That is, the bonus holder will continue to operate in the following pools: NMX/USDT, NMX/BUSD, NMX/BNB, NMX/USDC, and NMX staking (launch pool).

2. All referral deductions are temporarily reduced by 35%.  Both for farming personal referrals and for team farming.

3. APR in the launch pool is decreased by 15% since at the moment the difference in profitability between staking and farming has become too large and leads to the flow of liquidity from farming pools to the launch pool while reducing the liquidity of the NMX token, which makes its rate less resistant to sales.

4. We have aligned the APR on all NMX pools to the APR of the NMX/USDT pool.

5. 5. APR for a set of some pools without an NMX token has been significantly reduced. The GST/USDC pool is completely excluded from farming.

These changes are introduced as measures to stabilize the situation with the NMX token exchange rate and will significantly reduce the total daily emission of NMX tokens.

Some changes are temporary.

Our team continues to actively work on the development of our products and in the near future, we will release several important updates and new releases.  

Check our current updated roadmap!

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