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The farming level can be increased by investing in all farming pools with NMX 🔥

The Nominex + Nomiswap ecosystem is CeDeFi. Using one platform, you get the best conditions on the other too! All this is possible thanks to utilitarian farming/staking. Recently, an update has been released that will allow you to get even more profit — now the farming level depends on all pools with NMX. 

The farming level is a status that depends on the number of funds invested in the pool. The higher it is, the more additional rewards you get.

The farming level is now active in all farming pools with NMX
There are currently three such pools on Nomiswap:

When you invest in liquidity pools, you reach the appropriate level: Starter, Partner, PRO, VIP, Elite, or MAX.

The higher your level, the more referral rewards you get from both Nominex and Nomiswap. Moreover, a discount on trading commissions up to 100% will be implemented very soon.

The farming level is determined by the total value of funds that you have invested in NMX farming pools. Farming levels are measured based on USDT conversion at the time of investment and are not recalculated if the exchange rate is changed.

Replenishment of pools does not cause recalculation of investments. For example, there were 1000 NMX and BNB = 3000 USDT at the exchange rate on day X, there was an addition of 1000 NMX and BNB = 4000 USDT at the exchange rate on day XX, then the total amount based on that considered farming level 7000 USDT.

Nominex and Nomiswap offer 4 types of referral rewards:
-Referral farming reward
- Team farming bonus
- Referral trading reward
- Team trading bonus

Referral program guide Nominex and Nomiswap can be found here.

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