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Why did Nominex allocate 20 million NMX tokens to its management?

1. We start by researching White Paper: (5.4. NMX allocation).

It says:  Pool for airdrops, starts of liquidity mining pools, running other secondary liquidity mining pools - 20,000,000 NMX. 

This pool will be spent on airdrops, promotions, initial filling of additional liquidity pools with tokens, and rewarding participants with tokens for farming in these additional liquidity pools. And for example, on April 21-23, 2021, we are launching such a promo airdrop, when we increase the reward for farming several times. (Source:

2. Why is it important to have access to such a volume of funds.

So that at any time we can launch any activity, launch any additional liquidity pools. By placing these funds in a smart contract, we will be limited by the smart contract algorithm, which we naturally cannot think in advance at what moment we may need how many tokens to launch specific mechanics. As you can imagine, we need to be prepared for the dynamically changing cryptocurrency industry throughout the entire distribution period . For example, at some point, we can understand that the project has gained enough weight and generates enough organic mentions of a loyal audience that we can airdrop 1 million NMX. For example: do you still remember the very recent 1INCH airdrops for tens of millions of dollars? Or, for example, we have agreed with some new or trend dex to start farming - then we will take tokens from just this pool to reward farming on this new dex.

3. Pools of this kind are common.

For example, the well-known 1INCH in general immediately issued all tokens, and all these tokens are under their control. And it was they who launched high-profile airdrops quite recently, taking tokens from this pool.

4. We are not really a DAO project.

We have introduced decentralized technologies to make our centralized exchange competitive in the market and sparkle with new colors. But what makes our decentralized project truly successful? Indeed, it is precisely the symbiosis with a centralized working product. And the token will instantly drop to zero in any case, if suddenly something goes wrong with the most centralized platform, even if this pool of 20 million would not be under our control. But you will not blame us now because we did it wrong when they made the centralized exchange centralized?

5. There is also a legal side that imposes on us all kinds of responsibility for our actions or inaction.

We have an open team, where the founders do not hide their faces and conduct public activities. And this is precisely an open team, and not an imitation of an open team, when, for example, in other projects, the founders of projects have social networks only in the last six months.

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