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Simple Farming

Simple farming mode allows you to start farming in just a few clicks of a button. All funds are managed by Nominex.

What Simple Mode looks like on the website

How do I start farming in simple mode?

Step 1

First,  follow this link  

It will lead you to the "Simple mode" page

Step 2

After that, make sure you have funds in your wallet inside the Nominex account.

You can check that here:

Step 3

Choose how much you wish to invest, check the conditions and click on the "Invest" button.

The maximum amount to invest in farming is determined based on all the possible commissions.

Below you will see all the rest of the tabs with your personal statistics :) 

Reservation of funds for commissions.

For any operation that adds USDT to simple farming (start of farming, adding to farming, reinvestment), the maximum amount of USDT added is equal to the balance of USDT in your exchange wallet, minus the reserve. 

The reserved amount is set as follows: (the start farming commission + the stop farming commission + the fee for withdrawal from farming) + 20%.

The commission of the beginning of farming = (the standard commission for withdrawal from an exchange wallet to a farming one) + (the commission for a transaction in Binance SmartChain Network)

You can freely manage your reserve, but you can't invest it in simple farming.

How to claim farming bonuses:

To do this, you need to click the "Claim NMX" button, after which you will receive all the NMX you have farmed to your exchange wallet. 

Stop farming.

When you click on the “Stop Farming " button, your NMX + USDT is fully unstaked automatically from the pool (100% of your funds are withdrawn from the liquidity pool). The received NMX and USDT are transferred to your exchange wallet. However, NMX is not converted to USDT.

Also, all available NMX (including those that were farmed) is automatically transferred to the exchange wallet.

Partial withdrawal of funds from the simple farming mode is not supported.

What will happen if you invest additional funds in farming?

If you invest additional funds in farming, the number of days of your Holder bonus will be recalculated.

Please note that the maximum amount to add to farming is determined based on the commissions reserved.


To reinvest the farmed NMX, you must have the required amount of USDT on the exchange's farming wallet (so that the proportion of 50/50 NMX/USDT is reached, respectively). In addition, you must have some USDT reserved for paying commissions. 

When reinvesting with the button, the number of days of the Holder Bonus will not be recalculated. 

However,  the Holder bonus will be recalculated when you add more funds to farming.

The maximum amount of USDT for reinvestment is determined based on the commissions reserved.

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