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Why the holder bonus recalculates

It is important to understand that when the holder bonus is recalculated, you do not farm less.

On the contrary, you farm more: after adding NMX and USDT to liquidity, your pool share in the Primary pool grows, and therefore in the Bonus pool it grows too. Accordingly, your daily reward from personal farming grows too.

Why do we recalculate the holder bonus?

 Firstly, let's figure out what a holder bonus is.

The holder bonus increases farm only from the Bonus Pool.

The share in the Primary pool and in the Bonus pool is equal, but the sizes of the pools are different.

For example, if your pool share in the Bonus pool is 1% of 1300 NMX/day and you hold the liquidity for 7+ days, you get +20% to your pool rate in the bonus pool – that is, you will reap a greater bonus while the bonus pool stays the same.

But this is not +20% to your total income from the Primary pool, or the Primary and Bonus pools. This is important to understand.

Because the share in the Bonus pool is equal to the share in the Primary pool and is accrued during the hold time of your liquidity, then with increased share in the Primary pool, the holder bonus also increases, as your share has increased.

But at the same time, you do not hold the added liquidity during the whole time (as long as you hold your first deposit), you hold it less time, so a recalculation is necessary. This is fair.

Take a look at the example:

The user staked 10 USDT and held them for 365 days, thereby he increased his share in the Bonus pool by 900%. And then he decided to stake another 1000 USDT.

In this case, the staking time is recalculated proportionally.

The arithmetic weighted average number of staking days for the new amount will be calculated using the formula: (10*365 + 1000*0) / (10 + 1000) = 3.6 days. Round up to whole days = 3.

That is, with an increased amount in the staking from 10 to 1000 USDT, the profitability increase coefficient in the Bonus pool will change in accordance with the total amount and the number of staking days and become equal to 3.

This means that to activate the multiplier by +20%, but to the 1010 USDT amount in the pool, you will need to hold your liquidity for 4 more days.

Soon, when we will add automatic reinvestment, it will be possible to reinvest without losing the holder bonus only if you do not sell the farmed NMX and add additional USDT.

We remind you that the holder bonus is completely reset if you connect your wallet to another account, removed any amount of NMX-LP from liquidity, or linked the wallet to your account, if this was not done earlier.

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