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Nominex & DeFi NMX Comfortable Start

Hello, you are in the Nominex crypto exchange website. This is a unique trading platform with unlimited possibilities. Now let's check out a quick overview of them.

Nominex is a centralized crypto exchange with a decentralized utility token NMX. For 3 years on the market, we gained thousands of users. Top crypto media wrote about us:



Nominex has everything needed for traders:

- Online video course on crypto trading:

- More than 60 currency pairs;

- Possible trading with 0% fees.

And the icing on the cake is our unique farming of  the NMX native token:

Do you want to know how to make money on the DeFi distribution of the NMX token of our exchange? We have specially collected all the secrets and life hacks on NMX farming 

📑Instructions for farmers:

🔹 Differences between NMX and NMX-LP -

🔹 How to use the new decentralized NMX token -

🔹 How to buy USDT on Nominex -

🔹 How to return NMX-LP to the liquidity pool and withdraw NMX and USDT back from it -

🔹 How to transfer BNB, USDT, NMX in BEP20 format to a Metamask wallet -

🔹 How to farm NMX DeFi? -

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