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Team Farming Reward

This is the second of two types of bonuses that can be earned for farming NMX tokens by other users on the Nominex platform.

You receive this bonus when users at any referral level in your affiliate structure farm NMX tokens.

In order to start receiving this bonus, you need to have at least 1 person in your left and right referral structures (teams) who are engaged in the farming of NMX tokens.

However, these people do not have to be your direct referrals.


The bonus is paid to all users once a day at 0:00 UTC.

Over the past day, all NMX tokens that have been farmed by all users in your left and right structure (team) are summed up. Then the team is determined, where the amount of farmed tokens is less. A certain percentage is taken from this amount, which will be your reward. That is, you get a bonus for the team farming of your weak team (which farms fewer tokens compared to the second team)

The percentage corresponds to the affiliate level, and the affiliate level is determined by the amount of funds that you personally invested in staking for NMX farming.

Affiliate level







Amount invested in staking

< 100 USDT

100 USDT

300 USDT

1 000 USDT

3 000 USDT

10 000 USDT

Bonus for direct referrals







You have invested 5,000 USDT in staking, which means you are automatically assigned an ELITE partner level. Over the past day, all the people on your left team have farmed a total of 2,200 NMX. The people on the right team farmed the 3400 NMX. So your team farming bonus is 15% of 2200 = 330 NMX.

If you personally staked USDT 10,000 or more, your bonus would be 20% of 2200 NMX = 440 NMX. But by itself, a larger amount of funds invested in staking gives you the opportunity to farm more NMX tokens on personal staking, as well as receive higher bonuses on all other rewards, including direct referral farming.


When calculating the total farmed coins, the farming of all people in your structure is taken into account - even those who have not registered using your referral link. The main condition is to be in your structure.


Tokens in the form of this bonus are credited to your NMX wallet on Nominex, not to metamask. If you want to invest the received tokens in farming, you will first need to send these tokens from the Nominex wallet to your wallet in metamask.

You can find information on the received bonuses for team farming in your personal account at the link:

And also more detailed information on your entire affiliate program and affiliate structure on the page:

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