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Holder bonus

We are pleased to announce that today we have activated the bonus accrual for the duration of farming.

Every day at 0:00 UTC, this bonus is automatically credited in the form of additional NMX tokens to each person who participates in personal farming.

The size of the daily pool of this bonus is exactly 20% of the pool of tokens that are distributed through personal farming.

Currently, the daily pool of personal farming is 18,750 NMX.

The daily bonus pool for the duration of farming is 3,750 NMX.

This bonus is awarded to all farmers in proportion to their funds invested in staking, similar to the rules for NMX distribution in personal farming. The only difference is that when calculating the bonus for the duration of farming, increasing coefficient is used, depending on the duration of your continuous farming.

For example, if you farm for 7 days or more, then the profitability from this bonus increases by 20%. 

If 15+ days - 50%

If 30+ days - 100% (doubling the bonus)

If 60+ days - triple the bonus

If 90+ days - increase the profitability by 4 times

If 180+ days - increase the profitability by 6 times

If 360+ days - increase the profitability by 10 times


Tokens in the form of this bonus are credited to your NMX wallet on Nominex, not to metamask. If you want to invest the received tokens in farming, you will first need to send these tokens from the Nominex wallet to your wallet in metamask.


1. If you unstake (even if partially), then your accumulated days will be reset to zero. You will need to start saving them from scratch.

2. If you decide to add additional funds to staking, then the number of accumulated days will be recalculated according to a certain formula.

Calculation example:

You stake 4000 USDT for 6 days, then add another 2500 USDT. In this case, a proportional recalculation of the staking time will take place according to the formula: (4000 * 6) / (4000 + 2500) = 3.7 days. Rounding up to whole days gives the 3 days. That is, when the amount of staking increases from 4000 to 6500 USDT, your accumulated days will decrease from 6 to 3.

You can find information on the received bonuses for the duration of farming in your personal account at the link:

All detailed information about the bonus and the rules of accrual can be found in the White Paper: (5.11. Time Staking Bonus)

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