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How to use the New Decentralized NMX Token

The new decentralized NMX token opens up unlimited opportunities for you: you can buy, sell, farm or add it to the liquidity pool in a pair with USDT. 

Why do you need all this?

There are many advantages. The NMX token allows you to:

  • Get a 100% discount on all trading fees when paying with NMX and up to 3 free crypto  withdrawals per day;

  • Hold a certain amount of NMX in the staking pool in order to receive increased bonuses in the affiliate program;

  • Reinvest farmed NMX in a liquidity pool with an equivalent amount of USDT to get a higher partner status and even more NMX;

  • Sell farmed NMX in order to get USDT. If the selling price gets higher ypu will even have a margin.

In addition, NMX is the first exchange token from a real working exchange, which is distributed on the market according to the DeFi-farming model. NMX will be distributed according to the unique model of DeFi farming, where there are four ways of getting passive income:

1. Personal staking - you get a part of the daily pool of tokens in proportion to the personally staked money.

2. Monthly increase in the profitability of farming, depending on the duration of the staking.  An additional pool of tokens that is credited only through Nominex. The longer you cook, the higher the yield. For example, if you stake for 1 year, then the yield increases by 2 times, if 4 years then by 3 times. It allows you to attract more participants for long-term staking, which can positively affect the value of the token. 

3. Additional revenue from all the people in your partner structure at all levels below you. You can and even should not farm alone. Tell your friends or your audience about the Nominex project, inspire them to register on Nominex using your referral link. All these people together form your partner structure (consisting of two teams), then they can build their own structures, but most importantly, they can start farming on their own. That's when you also get the maximum revenue from your farming partners. 

More detailed: In the daily pool, there is a part of the tokens intended for the payment of rewards for team staking. It is also important to remember that in the binary model, you always have 2 teams, and depending on the amount of funds in the staking, they are assigned the status of strong and weak. The team income you get is from a weak team. And the percentage of additional income depends not on the number of NMX tokens purchased, as it was before, before switching to DeFi, but on the total amount of USDT in the pool (or, more precisely, on the number of NMX-LP tokens you stake, equivalent to the amount in USDT). Now the revenue can reach 100% or even 200%.

4. Additional profitability from staking direct referrals. This type of bonus allows you not to build a structure for those who do not want to engage in the network part of the business. 

More detailed:  This type, as well as in general earnings on staking under the ref program, is implemented at the level of a smart contract. That is, the bonus is calculated and paid automatically by the smart contract. The invitee receives a certain % of the number of NMX tokens that the invitee earned on farming, i.e. a direct referral. The invitee himself receives +5% to the farmed NMX tokens, if he indicated someone's referral wallet (the person who invited him) at the time of the start of the staking. The bonus for both people is sent to their wallet at the moment when the invited person makes a stake \ unstake or takes the profit.

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