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Cryptotrading online course

About course

EduCamp online course was brought to you by Nominex together with Oles Sribny, an investor and famous trader. He has an impressive trading background, 13 years of experience in the US financial market, as well as 6 years in the digital assets.

Course includes:

150+ Minutes of video content

Unique knowledge of how to start making profits in trading

Study and receive up to 500 USDT to your trust account after completing the course

Follow the link to start the course.


At the end of each lesson, there is a test (homework, 10 simple questions). You can pass the test once, and you can't pass it again.

After completing all the tests, you will have an exam (28 difficult questions). You can pass the exam many times.

For each completed test (homework), you can get USDT to your Trust Trading acc.

If you gave less than 7 correct answers, USDT will not be credited

* 7 correct answers - 5 USDT

* 8-9 correct answers - 7 USDT

* 10 correct answers - 10 USDT

After passing the test, you can see how much money you have earned, but you will actually get it after passing the exam (when you answer 60% or more of the questions correctly).

When you pass the tests, you will have access to the exam.

If the exam is passed the first time, then you can not pass it again, rewards for the exam:

* < 18 correct answers - the exam is not passed, you will receive 0 USDT - you can try again.

* 18-20-get 100 USDT for
the exam

* 21-23-get 150 USDT

* 24-26 - get 200 USDT

* 27-28 - get 300 USDT

If you pass the exam NOT for the first time, then the rewards for the exam:

* < 18 correct answers - the exam is not passed, 0 USDT - you can try again.

* 18-20-get 50 USDT

* 21-23 - get 75 USDT

* 24-26-get 100 USDT

* 27-28 - get 150 USDT

The exam becomes available for passing only when all the tests have been completed-it does not matter how many correct answers were in the tasks.

Promo for speed:

- You will receive an additional 100 USDT per day if the following conditions are met:

- You gave 7 or more correct answers to each homework assignment.

- You passed the exam in the first 48 hours after completing your first homework assignment. Criteria-click on the button to submit the task for review.

- You passed the exam the first time

- You answered 27-28 questions correctly on the exam

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