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Aave And Nominex Have Announced Their Partnership

The largest decentralized finance protocol Aave announced the start of their partnership with the Nominex cryptocurrency exchange.  The first step has already been taken – the Lend token made it to the exchange listing and is already available for purchase to all registered users.  The second step is to expand the platform’s functions and provide new services for clients in the field of decentralized finance.  On this occasion, the Integration Lead of the Marc Zeller project answered several questions from Nominex about the future and shared the company’s plans.

Aave: how to turn $0 into $2 million

The Aave project was launched in January 2020, and its market value was estimated at $ 0.  In nine months, the ambitious project, driven by the DeFi boom, has become the # 1 platform for lenders and borrowers.  Today, the project team employs 23 people from around the world, and the two official headquarters are based in London and Chiasso (Switzerland).

When talking about the success of the platform, Marc Zeller mentions only one factor – hard work.  It is the constant work on the product that allows you to turn an ambitious startup into a profitable business.  The company does not want to spread about its plans for the future, as it works in the narrow DeFi sector, which is very popular today.  It is not known whether tomorrow will be like this, so the team prefers not to plan for the long term.  It is known for sure that Aave will continue to improve its developments in the field of “seamless financing”, that is, financing without third parties: banks, credit companies, etc.  According to Zeller, the platform is not going to operate in the CeFi (centralized finance) sector, but will continue to operate in the DeFi market.


What will happen to the DeFi market in 5 years

This question is of interest to those who today have made serious financial investments in decentralized finance projects.  So, no one can give an unambiguous answer to this question.  According to Marc Zeller, 98% of projects created today will cease to exist by 2023.  The remaining 2% of projects will become millionaire companies.

Aave token and LEND token: what will happen to them

The Aave token allows you to place bets using a security module.  Staking program participants will receive commissions for using the protocol, as well as gain access to “safe farming” in AAVE tokens along with a wide range of other rewards. But this comes with responsibility, if a critical protocol failure occurs leading to a loss of funds, the staker deposit will be partially  This kind of event has never happened in the past, but there is always some form of risk that we try to limit as much as possible by conducting several independent security reviews with Consensys Diligence and Peckshield, as well as a formal review with  using Certik.

 About cooperation with Nominex

Today, for users of the Nominex platform, the Lend token is available for purchase in a trading pair with BTC, ETH and USDT.  Any registered user can purchase tokens.

If you are still a beginner and not confident in your trading skills, use a demo account and a demo tournament to buy LEND, and also study which trading pairs are the most profitable.


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