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[CLOSED] Referral Quest


Just as an ordinary tree needs to be regularly watered and taken care, the referral tree needs your support too. The more you encourage your referrals to talk about Nominex, the more tokens will get into your pocket. Become an inspiration and a motivator for them. 

The terms are simple: 

When you and your direct referral managed to complete the Video Quest, both of you will be rewarded with extra 10 NMX tokens.

Imagine your team consists of 200 direct referrals. Should at least half of them fulfill the Video Quest requirements, your expected reward is 100 * 10 NMX = 1000 NMX.

Your mission is training your potential partners on how to get free NMX tokens and incentivizing them to complete Video Quest. Such members should invite more people that will become a part of your team. The more active members your team consists of, the more bonuses you get!    

You will receive your referral quest reward immediately after your referral’s report is approved and he/she is credited for video quest accomplishment.

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