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⚔️ Real Trading Tournaments

General Information

The Tournaments are held using the main SPOT (Main) accounts.
At the time of participation and the end of the tournament, the user's open orders are not canceled and the balances are not affected.

Prizes are awarded after the winners have been determined with real USDT, that can be withdrawn immediately.

Real Tournaments are held once every 2 days, the duration of one tournament is 48 hours. The start of the Real Tournament is at 08:00 UTC (11:00 Moscow/Kiev time).

When participating in a real tournament, you pay the fees only from your money, even if you enable the option to pay the commission using NMX tokens.

What are start conditions?

The number of  qualified participants has exceeded the threshold value - 50 members.

What are requirements (of becoming a "qualified" participant)?

Their personal trading volume exceeds the threshold of 500 USDT.

Until the users have confirmed his participation in the tournament, they cannot win a prize, even if the ROI is higher than what they see in the table.

ROI* is calculated using the formula below:  *NMX tokens are not used in the calculations.

Prizes allocation

Total prize pool: 415 USDT

1 place: 100 USDT

2 place: 60 USDT

3 place: 40 USDT

4 place:  30 USDT

5 place:  20 USDT

6-15 places: 10 USDT

16-25 places: 5 USDT

26-30 places: 3 USDT

☝️It doesn't matter which place you take, because you will receive additional NMX, the amount of which depends only on your trading volume. The sooner you start trading, the fewer participants will split the pool of 65,525 NMX, which is available to all active traders during the Second Phase of the NMX Token Distribution. All participants of the Real Tournaments can claim the daily  accruals of this this daily NMX pool.

Important: It is forbidden to trade with yourself using one (for example, when you placed an order and bought it yourself) or multiple accounts - this volume will not be counted for qualification in the tournament.
For fraudulent actions and fake trades Nominex can disqualify your account from participating in the current and all subsequent tournaments.

From now on we will check the participants manually and announce the results within 7 days (1 week) after the end of the tournament. After that, the prizes will be credited to the accounts. Tomorrow, before the end of the current tournament, we will delete from the list of participants those who have gained volume in a fraudulent way.

If you want to participate in tournament, you need to gain trading volume naturally.

Tournament results information

Anyone can see the results of the tournament for each last day.

Summary information for each tournament (historical and current) consists of:
1. Total trading volume;
2. Number of confirmed participants;
3. Total number of participants;
4. Prize fund;
5. A summary of the top 10 best performers that includes:
1) a place;
2) encrypted email format;
3) user id;
4) trading volume (for the current tournament, the update occurs every 30 seconds);
5) ROI *
6) the amount of the prize received in USDT equivalent.

*Key indicator basing on which the list of winners is compiled (within the current tournament it is updated every 30 seconds)

If a person is logged in and is not among the top 10 participants: his tournament statistics is displayed in a separate line along with his place in the overall standings.
For example: place - 1254, ROI - 0.17, trading volume 2300 USDT.


1) Do I need to make a deposit to participate in trading tournaments?

– You don’t.

2) The prize, is it actually real USDT?

– Yes, winners actually receive real USDT on their real exchange balances.

3) Which wallet is the money going to and how soon?

– To the main wallet right after the winners are defined

4) Can I withdraw my prize immediately?

– Yes, you can

5) Are there any conditions for restitution of the prize funds back to the exchange?- No, there are no such conditions for real money prize.

6) Are there any additional conditions on currency pairs for members?

– No, there are no specific conditions.

7) Are all types of orders available for me to participate in the tournament with?

– Yes, all orders types are accessible on real market.

8) What if I made the most in terms of the ROI, but the turnover is less than 500?

–  Unfortunately, you will not be eligible for the prize.

9) If the first 30 participants who appeared in the winners list have a negative ROI, can they still receive the prize of the day?

- Yes, they will receive their Real Tournaments prize.

10) Is there a cap on the number of tournaments available for participation?

– No, you can join both our Demo Tournaments and Real Tournaments every day.

11) What can I do with the NMX that I win?

– NMX tokens are valuable resource. With the help of those, you can cut your trading commissions by 50% and get maximal affiliate program rewards

12) What about trust funds? Do they participate in Real Tournaments?
– Funds on trust account do not participate in Real tournaments.

Note:  Trust funds credited to the main account (E.g., Deposit bonus) do participate in the Tournament.

13) How many participants can there be in a tournament?

– There are no limits for entering the Tournaments.

14) Are there any age / area restrictions for participants?

15) If my friend won only NMX, will I only get NMX from their winnings?

– No referral rewards are provided in terms of our Real Tournaments.

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