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#Welcome Bonus campaign

Welcome Bonus is a  promo campaign held by the Nominex crypto exchange on various social networks. Nominex gives 50 USDT as an awesome bonus for trust trading to all traders who join this event (see the terms below).
On top of that, we reward 10 USDT to you for each of your referrals who did the same.    

Dear participants! We had to complicate the rules of the Welcome Bonus campaign and made a number of adjustments due to the increased number of multiple registrations in social networks, as well as the applications received from the fake accounts. We want our bonus to be credited to eligible participants only, and not to scammers trying to multiply the size of the established payment.

ATTENTION! The said updates came into force on August, 14.  All applications received on this day and later will be processed according to the new rules.  Kindly read the Terms and Conditions of  participation thoroughly:

You must have at least 100 followers / friends on your favorite social network

- If you chose Twitter to participate in the game: Your account should be created at least 6 months ago. In case you use Facebook / Vkontakte, your first posts must be over 6 months old.

- In the duration of your participation, no privacy settings should be applied for your account!

- The participant is allowed to have only 1 (one) account in a specific social network and on the Nominex exchange too. Multiple registrations are strictly prohibited! Using fake accounts is not permitted!

- The bonus can be received only once. If you have already sent us a link to your post on Twitter and received a Welcome Bonus for it, you can no longer apply again, no matter if your further post will be made in another social network.

- Your comments should be as original and adequate as possible, should not contain profanity. It doesn't have to be an essay, but the comments “this is a good exchange”, “interesting project”, “I want money” may be the reason why the bonus was not credited. 

How to get the bonus?

? Be the follower of at least one Nominex account: Facebook, Twitter, or VK.

? Find our post with the Welcome Bonus announcement on the social network of your choice for subscription: Facebook |  Twitter VKontakte 

?Repost / retweet it along with your personal comment with the following information: why you want to receive our Welcome bonus, your referral link and the Nominex account tag: @Nominex (on Facebook), @NominexExchange (on Twitter) or @nominex (on VKontakte).

 Make sure you used the correct tag. Don't forget to select the tag to make it clickable in your post/tweet!

A quick guide on how to “retweet / repost with a comment” can be found here.

? Your comment template: 

I want #WelcomeBonus from @NominexExchange because <your reason>

Register using my referral link <your referral link to> and get an additional 10 USDT to the standard 50 USDT Welcome bonus!

? Send us a link to your repost / retweet to our online chat on the website and wait for the further instructions on how to receive your bonus.

Don't delete your posts and tweets! The team will need constant access to them.

RT and RP completed samples:

Facebook post
Twitter post
Vkontakte post


* If your direct referrals also fulfill all conditions, everyone (you and all your referrals) receives extra +10 USDT to standard Welcome Bonus for trust trading on Nominex exchange. 

* Do your best to motivate your direct referrals to compete for Welcome Bonus! The more people are enrolled, the more extra bonuses you all receive, the more profit from trading on our exchange you may get!   

Example of accrual:

- Anthony took part in the Welcome bonus campaign and received 50 USDT for trust trading on Nominex. He invited Kevin and Paul to join the Nominex platform.  Both of them decided to participate in the campaign too and successfully fulfilled all the conditions. As a result, all three men received 60 USDT each. Kevin and Paul received 60 USDT immediately, while Anton got his +10 to the previously accrued 50 USDT. If Anton and his two invited referrals got to the payments list at the same time, three of them would receive 60 USDT at once.

The payment of extra 10 USDT is conducted by the system automatically when you and your direct referrals are all included in the list of members eligible for the main 50 USDT bonus.

Be aware that 10 USDT bonus terms of use are exactly the same as ones for the standard Welcome Bonus (see  "How to use the bonus"  section).

How to use the bonus?

1. Once you are approved by the Nominex team, you are credited with Welcome bonus (50 USDT or more) for the trust management. 

2. It can not be withdrawn, however, you can trade it within 7 day and the received profit belongs to you.

3. Your balance should not decrease by more than 10% in USDT. If that happens, your bonus will be immediately reclaimed to the Nominex exchange. 

4. Even in case your standard 50 USDT bonus was restituted to the exchange, you still keep right to obtain your bonuses for your referrals’ participation. 

Each participant's application is checked manually. The delays in payouts may last up to 3 days. Should you have any questions, please contact our admins in our Telegram chat or via online chat on our website.

The Nominex team reserves the right to make adjustments to the terms of the  campaign at any time at their own discretion.

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