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Why do we need token levels?

Condition: Least amount of NMX 

Tokens on the account (token level)

< 100 NMX
Package: Starter

100 NMX
Package: Partner

300 NMX
Package: PRO

900 NMX
Package: VIP

Personal Recommendation Reward

Accessible to everyone





Percentage received from the expenses of personally invited referrals


only to

“Active Partners”

Team Reward

After 100 Team points are accumulated in both of your teams a cycle is triggered and you receive  - 25 USDT.

No reward

5 Team Point 

8 Team Point  

10 Team Point  

Team Points per 25 USDT of any expenses paid by any participant of either left or right teams. 

Leadership Reward

No Reward

10% (2,5 USDT) of every team Reward received by your direct referrals

Achievement Reward

No Reward

One-off reward for completing a certain amount of team cycles in a two week period.

What is "Active partner" status?

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