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Bonus types

For a full Affiliate program description check out this document.




Quick Start Bonus (for user’s personal referrals)

8% if you hold 1000 or more NMX tokens                                                                                                                                                                                     

Only for people that you has personally invited 

Team Bonus

25 USDT for each trade commission cycle

One Cycle is when you have at least 100 TP(*) for left and 100 TP for right leg. This means that the cycle is formed.

Leadership bonus

10% from the each Team bonus your referrals will get. 

E.g. if your referral gets 25 USDT as a referral bonus from cycles - you will get 10% from it - 2.5 USDT

Advancement Bonus

Fixed sum bonus rates**

Fixed rates for achievements explained below

(*)When your one of your legs pays commitions equal to $250. When both of your legs get to the $250 point, you receive $25. If both of your legs pay commitions equal to $500 you get $50 bonus etc.

Bonus Types and Rules: 

  1. Quick Start Bonus: Each time your personal referrals pay trading fees you will get 5 or 8% of the sum. No limits.

  2. Team Bonus: Main source of bonus income for the users who participate in the affiliate program.
    Every time when your whole left or right team (leg) generates 250 USDT trading commission we add to corresponding side thea(team point). 

Every time when the left and right teams (legs) accumulate at least 100 TP each a cycle is formed and you get 25 USDT (10%) from each formed cycle. After adding bonus these 100 TP is deducted from your both sides.

Note: You can get 50,000 USDT of Team Bonuses MAXIMUM per one week. 

If the right team has 200 TP and the left leg has 100 TP, then you have only one formed cycle, you get 25 USDT and after adding bonus your right leg has 100 TP and left - 0 TP.

  1. Leadership Bonus: Each time your referral gets a Team Bonus you will get a leadership bonus in the amount of 10% of the sum of his team bonus. NOTE: The leadership bonus is NOT subtracted from the team bonus amount of your referral. 

  2. Advancement bonus - is the type of bonus that is paid to the users if they manage to achieve the Affiliate Rank and maintain it for two weeks in a row.

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