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[ENDED] Nominex is celebrating Bitcoin Cash’s 3rd birthday: Join the Contest!

Happy BCH day! ? ?

Here’s your RSVP  to the BCH Fork 3rd Anniversary Party: Trade BCH on Nominex and get 10, 50 or 100 USDT that can be withdrawn to your wallet. You can actually spend it!

? Event date and time: from 12:00 July 31, 2020 to 23:59 August 2, 2020 (UTC + 0)

What’s up with August 1st?

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fork took place almost three years ago in 2017.  Following the myriad of benefits this coin has given us,  the Nominex exchange is throwing a party for all active BCH traders and gives out real money to celebrate the birth of this supernova.

Our ? are not token casino bonuses with 50X rollovers! You can take them with you, withdraw them to your wallet - and use (almost) for anything!

How to get to the party?

? Register on

? Make a deposit (at least 1 BCH) during the promotion period on Nominex. Anyone who’s successfully trading BCH / USDT, BCH / BTC during this time period can compete for real money prizes.

? Depending on the daily volume of participants, prizes of 10, 50, and 100 USDT will be credited to real wallets.

There are only 10 prizes!

? Up to 200 USDT daily volume = 10 USDT prize for 5 selected traders

? 500 + USDT daily volume = 50 USDT prize for 3 active Nominex traders

?1000 + USDT daily volume = 100 USDT prize for 2 super active Nominex traders.

⭐️ More awards options

Are you actively trading during our competition?  Now you automatically participate in the second stage of the token distribution.

? The most active traders are rewarded with another bonus.

? Every day, depending on the trading volumes of all traders on our exchange, a total daily pool of 65,525 NMX is divided among all traders.

? By trading on our exchange just a few days, you can already receive many bonuses and use the received  NMX coins to decrease your trading commissions! By the way, withdrawals and deposits are available on the Nominex exchange without KYC up to 3 BTC per day.

Another bonus (no promises that the last one)

Make your Bitcoin Cash deposit not in the minimum amount, but in the volume of 1000 USDT (to the main account), and we will credit you 500 USDT for 30 days of trusted trading. Get real income and withdraw real money immediately! 


• Nominex reserves the right to make adjustments to the competition rules at its discretion according to the circumstances if required.

USDT Prizes will be paid out on August, 3.  NMX tokens rewards are to be distributed every day at 00:00 UTC among all traders in proportion to their daily trading volume on the Nominex exchange.

?? To receive your prize, reach us out via the online chat on our website. Admins will provide all necessary instructions to you.

We wish you a happy #BCH day! ??


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